Creating High Visual Impact with BALLOONS & BLIMPS!

MISTING TENTS & MISTING SYSTEM CONSULTANTS – we can supply and or advise on misting systems for indoors and outdoors, including installations

We are confident we can supply you with what you require with advertising, limited only by your imagination.

Artwork, Design & Manufacture

We will supply drawings showing artist impression on the final product.

Installation & Transportation

We can install, monitor, repack and return the balloons as required.

Full Repair & Maintenance

We can assess the damange and offer a quote to repair or other possibilities as required.

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The showcase of our proud work throughout New Zeland

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Hiring or Buying?

Whether you Hire or Buy you’ll be impressed with our high quality and service. We can handle the complete process for you from artwork, design & manufacture through to installation and transportation as well as provide full repair and maintenance. Not only do we cover the whole of New Zealand we provide Australian wide coverage as well.

In our portfolio you will find examples of our past work with 3D promotion of many corporate companies throughout NZ. These include replicas of products, blimps, sky dancers, crowd balls and other forms of balloon advertising. You will be amazed at how realistic our replicas are and how effective our designs are at capturing your audience’s attention.

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